ADAMANT Business

Private blockchain for companies

Understandable blockchain for small and medium-sized business

Free and open source

ADAMANT Business is a free blockchain for organizations and communities. Source code is open. See Terms of service

Easy to install and maintain

No need in expensive consultants—ADAMANT Business can be installed by an ordinary IT specialist in a few days. Try a blockchain without costs and risks for the main activity. If something goes wrong, you won’t lose anything.

Low cost of ownership

Does not require resources. The network uses the Fair dPos consensus mechanism, and nodes can operate without load even on virtual machines with 1 CPU. Three nodes are enough. JavaScript codebase makes it cheaper to add features you need.

Easy Crypto Wallet

Built-in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Dogecoin, Dash, Stably Dollar wallets. Users have full control over private keys. Transfer crypto in-chat.

Enough speed

You don't need millions transactions per second. ADAMANT is enough. Default block time is 5 seconds which can be even faster

Well documented

We prepare instructions for general IT specialists to install and maintain ADAMANT Business. And API documentation available.

Messenger within your company

Not just a blockchain, but also a messaging platform. Your business will receive new opportunities, for example: internal token of a company and an exchanger, authentication or two-factor authentication (2FA) for your employees, voting service, notification service, bots and other services.

Internal token, coin or cryptocurrency

Have your own crypto: Ideal for internal payments and mutual settlements. This significantly reduces costs. It is reliable and safe. You can create several tokens for various purposes. * Can be used to exchange for goods and services, create a reward system, evaluate working hours or for other tasks. * Can be a commitment to employees and partners, and is maintained and developed along with the company itself

You own data

Unlike the public network, all ADAMANT Business data is stored on the company's nodes. You can always make the decision to completely destroy or return to the rollback point.

Try public network

ADAMANT Business is not just a blockchain, but also a messaging platform

...Using a messenger inside a company is understandable. If you add an internal company token to this messenger that can be transferred in-chat—this is also understandable. No need to work through business processes and draw complex diagrams. All these Hyperledger-like solutions are not easy to use. In addition, to use corporate blockchain solutions you can not do without expensive consultants, it takes months of time just to try. ADAMANT Business can be installed by an ordinary IT specialist in a few days. — Alexei Lebedev, CEO of ADAMANT TECH LABS.
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