ADAMANT Business Terms of Service

This page contains the Terms of Use for the ADAMANT Business blockchain. To view the ADAMANT Messenger Terms of Service, see website.

The brand names “ADAMANT Business” and “ADAMANT Messenger” belongs to ADAMANT TECH LABS LP (further—Developers).

ADAMANT Business is a free software for companies and communities. You can use it with specific limitations.
  • ADAMANT source code is open, and you can use all programs for internal purposes for free.
  • ADAMANT Business is offered “AS IS”, with no warranties.
  • It is prohibited to sell services and programs where ADAMANT is used.
  • It is prohibited to create public ADAMANT forks (project clones).
  • It is prohibited to publicly sell or exchange your token (cryptocurrency), based on ADAMANT Business.
  • Developers do not bear responsibility for the possible risks, costs, and faults associated with the ADAMANT Business.
  • Whilst using the ADAMANT Website, users agree with the Privacy Policy—
By using the ADAMANT Business, you henceforth accept these Terms of Service.
  • ADAMANT TECH LABS 2017–2020
  • Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lower
  • Dublin 2, D02 XT91, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND